Now we're in trouble!

Box ticking at 9 months

On Saturday 27th October, Samuel will be 9 months old.

Bounty have a wonderful little list, that shows some of the things Samuel should be doing:

  • Being able to move from his stomach to a sitting position
  • Developing a sense of humour
  • Objecting loudly if you take something he wants away from him
  • Standing unaided for a few seconds
  • Responding to gestures such as wave bye-bye and give that to me

So how does Samuel stack up to this list then?

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Bitey, movey and moody

Three weeks ago, Samuel cut his first tooth. We didn’t know this was going to happen, but we now know that the tales of bottom burning poops is true.

He really did go through the wars with this first tooth popping out. As soon as we heard him fill a nappy, we knew that we had to change it. His little bottom was red raw. He was not a happy little boy, and he had lots and lots of bepanthen massaged into those little red cheeks.

Thankfully, after 4 days, his first tooth popped through and the nasty red bottom cleared up.

So we now have even more reason to approach his mouth with caution!!

The following Sunday, after a very restless night, Samuel was tired. Samuel was sleepy. Samuel was sleepy at times that he normally wasn’t sleepy.

This was odd.

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Speaking as a parent…

(This was originally blogged on my other site,, on the 14th April 2012, but has been reproduced here to share again)

Also known as – things I dun learned with our baby.

11 weeks ago, our little son was born, and during those weeks I learnt many, many things.

Here is a small selection…

  • Forget how the TV shows depict the process. It will be nothing like that for you.
  • Leaving the delivery room to get a sandwich is NOT allowed.
  • Ensure you challenge the hospital if they say that your partner is not in “established labour”.
  • Hospital staff are not professionals, you must do their job for them.
  • Lucozade is not suitable for a woman having contractions.
  • Bring sandwiches.
  • Car parking charges are stupidly expensive, come by public transport.
  • Do not come via public transport, you’ll be late.
  • You are surrounded by professionals – let them do their jobs, they really do know what they are doing (overrides previous observation).
  • Timing contractions is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Hospital midwives get pissy if you have not been timing your partners contractions.
  • Your partner gets pissy if you try to time their contractions.
  • A lot of people will want to look at your partners bits and bobs (va-jay-jay) – it is never appropriate to cackle like Sid James.
  • When the waters break, it is not a sudden gush of water like TV would have you believe.
  • Her waters might have broken, but neither of you noticed.
  • Hospital midwives get pissy if you didn’t notice your waters breaking.
  • If you have a community midwife, she is missing one thing on her ID card – Angel.
  • You will, at some point, bump your baby’s head on your shoulder, and it will make them cry. A lot. This is normal.
  • You will, having bumped your child’s head and finally calmed them down, bump their head again. 20 seconds later.
  • Breast milk and baby dribble will ruin your clothes – you can remove bleach stains easier than these two.
  • If baby decides to fart midway through a nappy change, you are about to be shat on.
  • If baby decides to fart midway through a nappy change, you are about to get pissed on.
  • If baby does not have nappy on and is smiling at you, you are about to get shat on.
  • If baby does not have nappy on and is smiling at you, you are about to get pissed on.
  • Baby will often make a sighing sound – this does not mean they disapprove of what you just said. Wait, actually, it might do.
  • Do not sniff the umbilical cord.
  • When playing horsey, a full nappy can leak onto your leg.
  • Do not sniff the umbilical cord.
  • Scaring your baby then laughing and returning to work at lunch time is not funny.
  • No, really. Do not sniff the umbilical cord.
  • You will always be 15 minutes or more late for any occasion forever more.
  • Baby poo is warm and yellow – exactly like chicken korma.
  • Blowing your nose will scare the crap (sometimes quite literally) out of your child.
  • If wearing your favorite team shirt, make sure shoulder is covered to avoid accidental vomit. Recommendation is that should double covered to avoid seepage.
  • Never close the bedroom door, because you will have to open it whilst holding a sleepy baby, and they will wake up.
  • Nothing before, or after, will melt your heart more than when you get the first smile from your child.

And lastly – cherish every single moment and don’t be afraid to have a cry. The adventure has just begun.

Cheap travel system fix

If you’re a Stay At Home Dad like me, then you’ll know that you can spend a vast amount of time walking around with your son/daughter in their travel system.

The trouble with all this walking/pushing around (aside from the mass amount of dog poop you have to avoid or wipe off) is that every so often you’ll get a puncture in your buggy’s wheel (if it’s of the inflatable wheel type, natch.)

Aside from our Quinny Zap, we also have a second-hand Norton Sport - this is the main buggy that I use from day to day. It has inflatable rear wheels, and is a really good buggy for Samuel.

The first time I got a drawing pin in the wheel, I tried to repair the hole the same way would would do a bicycle tyre. Remove wheel, find hole, glue, patch, insert, inflate. Sounds easy? Nope, it took me around 50 mins to get the inner tube out of the wheel, and after a few hours of the patch being let to dry, it blew off the first time I inflated the tube.

It was then I came across “Slime Bike Tyre Sealant”.

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The not-a-holiday

I mentioned in a previous post that the running joke at work was that I’d be on “Holiday” when my wife and I switched paternity leave.

I myself was under no illusion that this would not be a holiday, but would be an intense three months of hard, emotional responsibility. It would also be the most rewarding of times.

I had planned on writing an "expectation ‘vs reality" list for this post, but I’ll be honest – it was starting to get me down. Sure, there were a few funny items on the list (For example, lots of xbox time was, in reality, only 15 mins in 64 days. Or becoming more approachable by ladies when I had a baby). There were even some more emotional ones (Feeling guilty after going to the pub for a beer, or the promise of play dates but never actually having any).

So I deleted the list.


It was gone. I didn’t like it.

What I can tell you is that no matter how much you prepare yourself for the time ahead, it will be nothing like what you expected. I can also promise you that the good times always outweigh the bad times.

You may think you are going to be tired – believe me when I say that the tiredness creeps up on you and when it hits, it hits hard. But I know that I have spent many a moment in the quiet, my little boy asleep in his cot, after I have rocked him to sleep and I have been able to have a quick nap myself. You will have days where you are tired, and I have honestly found that you have to have some pride and just get yourself to bed by 9pm. No booze, no xbox, just get yourself to bed.

Prepare to be irritable and also irritating.

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So Samuel has started to crawl … . the only problem? The wrong way!!

What an amazing evening.

The three of us were sitting down having dinner … . . and then Samuel said … .

7 months

It hardly seems like yesterday that Samuel was born. (However as my wife pointed out this evening, it’s been a year since we had our 20 week scan).

It was in fact, 7 months ago. Time really has flown by, and I just can’t imagine him not being here with us.

I have now been a (part time) Stay At Home Dad for seven weeks. I recall saying at the start of August “Wow, three months left at home!” - it seemed like a long time. But, like how quickly Samuel has grown, this time has moved past so quickly.

With seven weeks already gone, it means that I only have eight weeks left at home. Then it’s back to work for me, and nursery for Samuel. I already know that moving to this next chapter in our lives is going to be a shock. Thankfully, Samuel is an inquisitive little boy already, so we are sure that he will take to nursery like a duck to water.

Speaking of water, I will very soon be taking Samuel to his first swimming lessons. Swimming was always something Carol wanted me to do with Samuel. I myself am not a very strong or confident swimmer, so his lessons are both a way for him to learn to swim, and for me to be less nervous.

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